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General information 

Ship's Operation Clerk - Standalone:
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  2. Ship's Operation Clerk (Description under construction) 
  3. Ancillary Inspection Wizard Navigation

What are my responsibilities?

My responsibilities are distributed, such as shipping agent assistant, or the port operator in the task: meet at anchor or moored vessels to accompany your: maneuver, operation, crew, repair, operation and supply.

In which location can I do work?

I can work in any Brazilian port, and, in any port of any country with which Brazil has opened diplomatic relations. I must stress, that are in the site of conflict.

What is the shift that I practice?

Usually in Brazil, port work follows the eight hours (8) daily work counted as overtime, the excess of these hours of Saturday, Sunday and holiday, as anywhere in the world.

What is the price of my time to work?

My hour of work is defined by the "labor law" in force at the place where I go to work.

About my working conditions?

My working conditions such: transportation, food, lodging, life insurance, medical-care and immigration support. Are settled prior to completion of the "Self-Employment Agreement".

My resume

Ship's Operation Clerk - Standalone


  1. Mobile: +55-71-CLARO: 8174-4000  & TIM9326-7834
  2. Skype:
  3. ICQ No. 665608611
  4. E-mail:

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It is known and practiced today worldwide: the convenience, quality and minimizing labor costs made by: Professional autonomous.

Large ports, such as:

1.     Shanghai (China): Having a total of five working areas, the port of Shanghai became the biggest port in the world, surpassing the port of Singapore. That year alone, around 29 million TEUs were handled by the port of Shanghai which has both – a sea as well as a river port. The port of Shanghai is a source of great economic activity in the Yangtze River area which has helped further the economic status of regions like Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Henan.

2.       Ningbo-Zhoushan (China): Formed as a collaborative venture between the Ningbo port and the Zhoushan port in the year 2006, the Ningbo-Zhoushan port is the second-largest marine port in the world.
Catering to three rivers – the Yangtze, the Yong and the Qaintang, the port is expected to have a huge boost in the form of the construction of a new terminal – the Jintang Dapukuo, consisting of five berths which are expected to be completed by the year 2014.

3.       Singapore (Singapore): Once rated as the world’s largest port, the port of Singapore has slipped a couple of places and is now ranked third in the same category. From the Singaporean economic perspective, the port of Singapore plays a very important role as it caters to the re-export market on a mammoth scale. 
The Singapore port is connected to over 600 ports spread around more than a 100 countries. In terms of its handling, the ship port handles a fifth of the global cargo containers and is responsible for the transit of nearly 50% of the global crude oil supply.

4.       Rotterdam (The Netherlands):  The only European marine port listed, the Rotterdam port is ranked fourth in the list of biggest marine ports in the world.
It also served as the largest port in the world for 42-years between 1962 and 2004 before it was surpassed by Singapore and Shanghai, in that order. The Rotterdam port is the largest port in the whole of Europe.

Will make use of this management tool for many years.

Just to give you an idea of ​​what we're talking about, see below the list of "service providers or contractors" that exist in the following ports:
  1. Rotterdam Port
  2. New York & New Jersey Ports
  3. Kiev Port - Ukraine
So you see that there is no longer any novelty outsource and hire a "Service Provider" to assist him in the administration of its operations or assemblages.

What are the advantages of hiring an: Ship's Operation Clerk - Standalone?

  1. About You, like: Entrepreneur, Administrator and Employer demand today as professional to employ or provide you service? Guys, do you?
  2. What kind of People you looking for? Surely, People high-level, is not it?
  3. But you want only high-level People? No! Sure, you want to People that give high-level results, is not it?

The Ship's Operation Clerk - Standalone brings differential advantages for yourProject:

  • Has graduation you want to if you have not much experience that knowledge tangible for you to input specific knowledge of: Shipping Agency and Port Operation
  • Has the experience that will make
  • Has expertise Profession
  • Will facilitate the arbitration because of Labor Legislation, ã is your employee. Is a Contract (Supplier and Customer), free-trading, ie, paid no waiver next time, anyway ...
  • Not levied approximately: 78-85% (on average) more Pay on: Benefits and Costs
  • Not obliged to keep it within the premises of your company or have other security concerns, because it is only on the premises of your company at the time of service and with your permission or his servant or agent
  • Does not bring you unexpected burden because everything is already mentioned in the Contract

Anyway, the 
Ship's Operation Clerk - Standalone - brings several advantages like yourself just saw and can add others that you will discover the extent that the work is done in team.

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